Danish Defence 290G TD

Danish Defence 290G TD - Mercedes Wolf GPresented model comes from Danish Army and has been used by rapid reaction forces during the combat in Northern Africa and Asia. Their received codename “Commando” and usually haven’t been equipped in side doors, front windshield (with frame) and tarpaulin.

Front passenger have been mostly equipped in heavy machinegun leaned on a special sponge. There are 2 more seats on the back of the vehicle for soldiers.  For masking they used special net which has been attached under both side bars. Usually vehicle had 2 separate radios and later GSM and Radio waves scanner.

Danish Defence 290G TD - Mercedes Wolf G

Presented model is a kind of exception, because it has tarpaulin and side doors with windows, and on the inner side of doors you will find weapon mountings. Hood is strengthened and additionally you will find non-slip mats with straps – it helped soldiers to get in or get out of the car within no time, practically from every side. Also it’s very useful with transportation of additional equipment or even soldiers themselves.

290GD has one of the best Mercedes units under the bonnet – which is legendary turbo diesel OM. 602.938 24V with 123Hp. Thanks to “quick” rigid driving axles and automatic gear box BM 722.331 and traditional reducer the car is very fast on normal roads but also very aggressive in the field. Wolf has 2 hydraulic driving axles’ blockades which you can turn on/off during the ride.

I personally think that presented model beats all the “Wolfs” I ever driven.  I can say more, that with a very good turbo diesel engine (less electronics) it is a better choice than new much stronger Wolfs equipped in 270CDI engine. Brake system is no different than one from Bundeswehr Wolf.

Danish Defence 290G TD - Mercedes Wolf GIn my opinion this is far the best Wolf I had a chance to drive. I’m concerned and even risk that this is the best Mercedes G that has been made for the Military. Of course in case of reliability the 1st place belongs to Bundeswehr Wolf, in case of power I can say only 270CDI.

Soon we will present such car (270CDI) but with light armor.

Best regards

Rafał Waliłko