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1. TUV21 and customs plates

In the moment while you buy your own WOLF from German Army, it receives so called. BW Brief (Datenbestatigungblatt). The Document which contains all the information about the car (like date of first registration, weight, VIN etc.) – This is equivalent to the certificate of approval. With BW Brief and important TUV 21, an export permit from the BAFA and bought insurance, we can register wolf on export plates (customs) and go with our dream car back home.

If you want to make a TUV review in accordance with par. 21 (Vollabnahme – full review), then from the car the CW Light (battle) must be disassembled, painted or removed signs of the army units and mountings for arms.

The biggest problem we can have with disassembly of the CW Light (Combat Lighting). Indeed it would seem that unscrewing the front lights and rear sucker (Leitkreutz) would be enough. This is also true in most cases – but please remembers to remove light bulbs from the Combat Lighting in the rear lamps (one pair in each lamp). Even after removing the „lollipop” (rubber located at the back of the Wolf, which is a white cross with backlighting) and unpinning the plug, it should be insulated and hide so that it wasn’t be able to see it. Cables from the front lights should also be insulated and pull thru the grille to the engine compartment and wisely put somewhere that they won’t hang.

It is also important to have a civilian light switch. Please also note that the adjustment of lighting is efficient. Often, this adjustment does not work at all – and the repair of it is a very complicated and arduous work.

Please note that when the car goes thru TUV21 which is a very restrictive review. It is examined by every detail – you can be „thrown out” even for the outbreak of rust, not to mention the suspension, brakes, and leakages of oil or other fluids from the engine, gearbox or bridges. The cost of the review is approximately: 130, – EUR and is honored in Poland.

Please also remember that if you have already made a full review and you want to register a car on customs plates, because that’s the  only way we can get a German KFZ Brief (you will appear as the first owner), then we need to transport the car to the German Office of Communications. In most cases, officials want to see a vehicle that is going to be registered on the customs plates. At that moment a German officer may also require the so-called. „Ausfuhrgenehmigung” or export permit, issued by the German Authority BAFA.

Of course, you can opt out of this „battle” in Germany and holding in your hands BW Brief you can start the whole “show” in our country – but in Poland it can be even more interesting. You can get a refusal to register the vehicle because you do not have a registration certificate.

For all customers who purchase the WOLF at our company, we offer free assistance during the review and registration process in Germany.


2. Brief BW and Ausfuhrgenehmigung

The so called. Brief BW „or Certificate of Origin, approval every purchased Wolf should have. The company or an individual whoąd like to sell the vehicle outside the Germany’s borders should have a „Ausfuhgenehmigung” or an export permit from the German office of BAFA. For the buyer itself the document has no important meaning.





All our WOLFS, have the mentioned documents.