With collaboration with leading workshops we’re proud to announce that our Military Mercedes G class renovation service is now opened. In every project we use only materials and schemes used by NATO units. Our experience and contacts let us practically renovate every single Mercedes G class in Military version.

In near future we will present you more projects, where you will be able to see what engine or body options you have. This vehicle is an perfect base model to create your very own “Fun Car”.

Example price list of Wolf renovation:

1. Body renovation (external side): from 6.000,- zł nett (~1.500,- EUR)*
2. Interior renovation (booth painting): from 2.000,- zł nett (~500,- EUR)
3. Upholstery renovation: from 500,- zł nett (~125,- EUR)
4. Chassis renovation: Depends on the vehicle condition
5. Renovation and repair of mechanical parts: Depends on the vehicle condition

* Body painting in two or tri color (Tarnfleck).

Below you can find one of our renovation project of 240GD Danish Defence, without separating the chassis from the body. We hope that this gallery will help you to asses our skills.